Welcome to Sierra Stars Observatory Network

The Gemini Telescope in Arizona WILL NOT be available to schedule SSON jobs from February 12 through February 28, 2018 during our winter vacation.
The Warrumbungle Telescope in Australia WILL be available during this time.

Professional Observatories

SSON partner observatories are professional facilities with advanced instrumentation.

High-Quality Data

SSON delivers high-quality fully calibrated image data directly to your SSON account.

Data Quality Guaranteed

If your image data are corrupted or unacceptable to you for any reason, we reimburse your credits.

Automated Operation

Your schedules run optimally automatically without any need for direct operation by you.

Flexible Scheduling Options

The SSON scheduling system enables you to easily set up simple or complex schedule runs.

Most Cost Effective System

We charge you for the actual exposure times of your data ONLY! Absolutely no other charges.