University of Iowa 0.51-Meter UI Gemini Telescope

Gemini telescope

Telescope Specifications

The observatory telescope is a 0.51-meter (20-inch) F/6.8 PlaneWave CDK20 telescope. More information about the Gemini telescope is described here.

Camera Specifications

The primary imaging instrument is an Apogee CG42 camera with an e2v back-illuminated sensor. The e2v CCD chip has an array of 2048 x 2048 13-micron pixels giving an image scale of 0.78 arc seconds/pixel un-binned. The field of view of 27 x 27 arc minutes. The back-illuminated CCD chip has a very high quantum efficiency (94% peak).

Filter Wheel and Filter Specifications

The camera is attached to a 12-position filter wheel that holds Astrodon LRGB Tru-balance E-series, H-alpha [5 nm], OIII [5 nm], SII, Sloan g, Long-Pass (650 nm - 1 micron bandpass specially-made filter for studying very cool stars, but is useful for high SNR on any red object, including asteroids, with bright moon conditions) filters. The filter wheel also contains a 300 line/mm and a 600 line/mm GRISM transmission grating spectrograph (TGS) filter.

Telescope Enclosure

The Gemini telescope is housed in the Winer Observatory in Sonoita, Arizona.

Sonoita, Arizona -- USA

The telescope is located at the Winer Observatory in Sonoita, Arizona and is operated robotically using a high-speed Internet connection. It was installed in May 2015 with funding from the Carver Trust. Gemini replaces the venerable Rigel telescope, a 37 cm diameter robotic telescope operated from May 2002 - May 2015.

Observatory Site Information

Latitude: 31° 39' 56.08" North

Longitude: 110° 36' 06.42" West

Altitude: 1515.7 meters (4973 feet)

MPC Observatory Code: 857

Weather Information

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